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Who We Are

Caribbean Evaluators International is a network of monitoring, evaluation and development professionals focused on advancing evaluative practice in the Caribbean.

We provide thought leadership, professional development, peer learning and contributions to regional and international discourse on M&E from the Caribbean perspective and experiences.

We provide a platform to facilitate sourcing of experts who can serve the M&E needs of the Caribbean.

Members of the network volunteer their time, energy and knowledge to drive CEI’s three Strategic Directions: i) engage and support CEI members and their professional development; ii) create visibility for CEI in the region; iii) advocate for quality M&E practice in the region.

Our Five Core Values

  • Culturally responsive, high quality ethical practices that contribute to the development of the region
  • Integrity, commitment, transparency, confidentiality, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Collaborative professional development of our members
  • Cooperation with evaluation associations, regionally and internationally
  • Diversity

Our Vision

We imagine a Caribbean where M&E is seen as integral to enhance development initiatives and is used by a variety of stakeholders to improve programming and shape policies. 

Commissioners of evaluations are familiar with good M&E practice and effectively seek, hire and manage Caribbean evaluator-led M&E contracts.  Commissioners treat M&E professionals fairly and ethically. 

Caribbean M&E practitioners contribute their knowledge and experience through the CEI platform, and access CEI services to contribute to their professional development.  Evaluators speak truth to power and engage in knowledge management and sharing as part of their practice, through CEI and other avenues. 

Caribbean evaluators are part of international evaluation teams, as demanded by evaluation commissioners.  Caribbean evaluators competently apply a range of ethical methods and approaches to their M&E work.

Our Mission

  • We support our members to share and develop their knowledge and experiences around Caribbean M&E through capacity building events, sharing resources, linking peers and offering mentorship.
  • We strengthen understanding of monitoring and evaluation of Caribbean interventions by stakeholders through partnership and collaboration, networking, online and face to face knowledge sharing and skill building through a database of regional M&E experts.
  • We create materials, participate in regional and international development discourse and build our membership base in order to strengthen our effective involvement in M&E.

Our geographical reach

Our history

Our partnerships

International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS) – CEI and IDEAS have concluded an MoU for collaborative action.

International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) – CEI is a contributing member.

Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) at the University of the West Indies – CEI and SALISES are working towards an agreement in support of training activities.

South to South Evaluation Initiative (S2SE) - Led by the African Evaluation Association, collaborating partners in addition to CEI includethe Latin American and Caribbean Network for Monitoring and Evaluation (ReLAC), South Asia Evaluation Consortium and the Association of Asia Pacific Evaluators.  The main aim is to address issues encountered with evaluations in the global south.

Eval Partners – CEI shares knowledge on country-led M&E systems in the Caribbean in order to strengthen the global community and identify good practices and lessons learned in the region.

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