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Board of Directors 2022-2024

Valerie GORDON - President/Chair of Board of Directors

A Monitoring and Evaluation specialist with 12 years in the field, and an additional 25 years’ experience in international development and environmental management. She has monitored projects in Asia, Africa the Pacific and the Caribbean in the areas of climate change and natural resources management, agriculture and rural development, gender and civil society.

Susan BRANKER GREENE, - Vice President/Director Partnership and Strategic Planning

An international development practitioner and evaluator with over 20 years of senior experience working on multi-disciplinary programmes and consulting assignments for a range of development organizations in the English speaking Caribbean. She is the Managing Director of Targeted Development Consulting Inc.

Curline BECKFORD - Director, Membership and Recruitment

An international development consultant with over ten years experience in developing monitoring and evaluation frameworks at sectoral and national levels.

She works primarily in the Caribbean Region, conducting participatory programme and project evaluations in diverse sectors including education, energy, environment, water and sanitation, health and social protection.

Zahra MILLER - Treasurer/ Director, Fundraising

Zahra is a results-oriented professional with over 10 years of collective experience in research, programme evaluation, data management and public health. Zahra worked for 11 years at the Ministry of Health (including as a Director of the Monitoring and Evaluation – M&E - Unit) where she forged a successful career coordinating M&E activity across government and civil society partners for grants from USAID, Global Fund and CDC.

She was a team member on an external evaluation looking at the implementation of Trinidad and Tobago’s Transitional National HIV Strategic Plan. She also worked as the M&E specialist for 2 years on an IDB-funded youth development project with The MultiCare Youth Foundation. Today, Zahra is a cofounder and managing partner of a consulting firm that has programme evaluation at its core – EvaluCore – the first of its kind in Jamaica.

Ann-Murray BROWN - Director, Communication and Marketing

Ann is a seasoned Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) expert with nearly two decades of professional experience. Over the last six years, she leveraged social media and other marketing strategies to grow her consultancy business to one where my clientele includes the United Nations agencies, the European Commission and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Her website, www.annmurraybrown.com, has a daily traffic of over 3000 hits and she has close to 20,000 followers on LinkedIn. Ann is skilled in data visualization and content creation for social media. She maintains a blog on M&E and has a webinar series which features guests such as Rick Davies, Scott Chaplowe and others who are the ‘movers and shakers’ in the evaluation profession.


Nicole MARTIN CHEN - Secretary

Nicole Martin Chen is a public health, health promotion and education specialist with over 19 years of experience.

Throughout her professional and personal journey; the use of data in guiding interventions and decisions has been the cornerstone of her passion. This passion has proven beneficial and strategic, as it has aided her in the completion of several community health interventions and research projects.

Nicole started her career in public health as a medical technologist, specializing in microbiology, and clinical chemistry. Public Health specialist with over 19 years of experience in using data as the foundation for policy, decision making and targeted intervention.

An active member of the CEI since June 2019, with a drive and passion to see the CEI achieve its mandate and expand its reach throughout the Caribbean.

Current span of expertise includes executing the Ministry of Health and wellness, population health status monitoring and team member in Jamaica’s Covid-19 response.

Nadini PERSAUD - Director, Training and Professional Development.

lecturer in evaluation in the Department of Management Studies, The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados since 2007. She served as the Program Coordinator of the M.Sc. Project Management and Evaluation from 2009-2016. Her research focuses on promoting and building evaluation culture in the region.

Marcia BRANDON - Country Lead, Barbados.

A social entrepreneur specializing in youth and female entrepreneurship development, she designs monitoring and evaluation methodologies, leadership strategies, school to work transition programmes, NGO sustainability, as well as mentorship and coaching.  She is the Managing Director of the Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods (COESL).

Shelly TRIM - Country Lead, Jamaica.

Shelly has been in the M&E field for over fifteen years.  She was first trained in M&E at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School Public Health during her doctoral programme.  Since that time, she has managed and implemented public health research, programme and evaluation activities related to women’s health, adolescent reproductive health, poverty, HIV and sexually transmitted infections.  

During her time at the United Nations, first at UNDP and then at the Resident Coordinator’s Office, she provided M&E technical guidance in the development M&E systems including data collection, analysis, and reporting on key output and outcome indicators for the UN Country Framework. She works closely with the UN agencies to promote evidence-based programming and provide feedback in relation to targets and the identification and resolution of gaps related to program monitoring.

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