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The Caribbean Evaluators International

MEAL Community of Practice (COP)


  1. Relevance: Posts should be relevant to the field of monitoring, evaluation, accountability, reporting and learning and the professional development of group members. Members can use this forum to elicit peer feedback on burning MEAL issues, for problem-solving and learning.
  2. Respectful communication: Members should communicate in a professional, respectful manner at all times, avoiding any language or behaviour that could be considered offensive or inappropriate.
  3. Active participation: Members are encouraged to actively participate in discussions and share their knowledge and experience with the group. Members should also share valuable resources, case studies, methodologies, tools and best practices for a dynamic learning environment.
  4. No personal promotion: Members should not use the group to promote their own businesses or services, unless it is relevant to the topic of discussion or persons directly request services that your MEAL business provides.
  5. Confidentiality: Members should be mindful of the sensitive nature of evaluation work and respect confidentiality arrangements with clients and other stakeholders including beneficiaries. Get permission to share and/or be discrete in how you provide sensitive information.
  6. Administration: The group will have for administrators who are responsible for monitoring the group and ensuring that these rules are being followed.
  7. Avoid spam: Members should not post spam or irrelevant messages in the group. If you cannot vouch that information is from a credible source, please think thrice before posting. 

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